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    Wind Turbine Foundations – Scotland

    Client: Design & Build Contractor

    This project involved the construction of about 50No wind turbines as part of a wind farm development in Scotland.  Shortly after the wind farm became operational significant cracking was noted in several of the reinforced concrete turbine bases. 

    The Employer launched a claim against the Design & Build Contractor, who engaged WJM&P to determine the cause of cracking and the likely scope of remedial works required.  We carried out a detailed inspection of the turbine bases to better understand the significance and pattern of the cracking.  We also prepared a finite element computer model of the reinforced concrete bases to determine the areas of high stress and the fatigue performance.  Based on the output from the computer model we identified several shortcomings in the reinforcement design.  In the light of these defects we prepared a remedial scheme to deal with the shortcomings and allow the continued use of turbines.

    The Employer’s claim was settled with the Design & Build Contractor at Mediation, at which we acted as civil and structural engineering Expert Witness. 

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