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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The range of civil engineering matters on which we have advised includes:-

  • reinforced concrete – durability, cracking, corrosion, tolerances, deflection, deterioration, strength
  • pavements/ground slabs – industrial, commercial, ports, distribution depots, ground bearing, suspended, fibre reinforced, joints, sub-base, crazing, cracking, curling, tolerances
  • underground structures – basements, pumping stations, power stations, shafts, water ingress, floatation, heave
  • roads – flexible & rigid pavements, drainage, subsidence, deterioration, barriers, restraints
  • railways – bridges, station structures, tunnels, cuttings, embankments, slope stability, temporary works, bearings
  • marine structures – docks, harbours, marinas
  • offshore platforms – cracking of cast jacks, foundation erosion, foundation stability
  • pipelines – cast iron, ductile iron, thin walled steel, precast concrete, joints, lining, overloading, distortion
  • drainage – building, highway, land, storm, foul, SUDS, flood alleviation, maintenance, settlement, leakage
  • water supply – clarifiers, filters, pumping stations, mains failures, cracking, durability
  • health and safety – assessment, investigation, accidents, collapses
  • temporary works – cofferdams, scaffolding, construction sequences, leakage, water mains, collapse
  • plant collapses – cranes, piling rigs, scaffolds
  • accident investigation – safety barriers, scaffolding, fire, lifting accidents, workplace hazards
  • professional duties – adequacy and timing of design work, design checking, estimation of quantities, compliance with standards, codes of practice and Building Regulations
  • materials – specification, quality, deterioration, durability
  • workmanship – specification, construction defects, setting out, tolerances
  • remedial works – remedial options, repair/refurbishment


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