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The many architectural matters on which we have advised include:-

  • development control compliance – Town and Country Planning consents, listed building consent, conservation areas, enforcement action
  • regulatory control compliance – Building Regulations, fire safety, Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, asbestos
  • design duties – adequacy of design work, design checking, compliance with standards and codes of practice, specification, risk analysis, sub-contractor design
  • management duties – co-ordination, tendering, procurement advice, contract administration, instructions, certificates, fees
  • health and safety – assessment, investigation, accidents
  • building design – form, function, space utilisation, conservation, maintenance, energy efficiency, thermal performance, acoustic details
  • fire – means of escape, fire spread, passive protection, compartmentation, fire stopping, seals, barriers, protected shaft, explosion, Building Regulations, insurance requirements, event reconstruction and modelling
  • accoustics – insulation, absorption, Robust Details, Building Bulletin 93, coordination of specialist input, flanking transmission
  • flooding – local policy, Environment Agency, flood plain, climate change, flood resistant design
  • windows & glazing – toughened, laminated, double glazing, nickel sulphide inclusions
  • facades, cladding & curtain walling – water ingress, seals, tolerances, weathering, thermal insulation, impact resistance, daylight shading
  • render – durability, cracking, weathering, joints, seals
  • waterproofing – basements, envelopes, roofs, terraces, podia, piazza, swimming pools, leaks, tanking
  • roofing – traditional, flat, asphalt, felt, corrugated sheeting, wind resistance, leakage, failure, condensation/moisture
  • floor screeds – floating, bonded, crazing, cracking, curling, leaching
  • floor finishes – timber, stone, ceramic, mosaic, resin
  • ceilings – suspended, mass barrier, collapse, vapour resistant
  • workmanship – specification, construction defects, setting out, tolerances
  • remedial works – remedial options, repair/refurbishment
  • investigation – schedule of condition, surveying, monitoring, special load testing, materials testing
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