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Leaking Basement – Abu Dhabi

Client: Building Owner

This project involved the construction of a new hotel in Abu Dhabi, consisting a reinforced concrete frame with a single storey basement.  The basement experienced water ingress from the time of construction, and various measures to prevent further ingress had not solved the problem.

WJM&P were engaged by solicitors acting for the Building Owner to investigate the causes of the water ingress and the roles of the parties involved, and subsequently provide advice on a remedial scheme.  We specified intrusive investigations and testing of the concrete to determine the causes of the water ingress and assess the durability issues.  Our analysis identified that whilst there were minor shortcomings in the design, the primary causes of water ingress were workmanship related, concerning the waterproof membrane and the construction joints.  Furthermore, due to the aggressive nature of the ground water, significant durability issues were also identified. 

We recommended a remedial scheme to prevent further water ingress and deterioration of the reinforced concrete.  We worked with a corrosion consultant to specify a cathodic protection system for the vulnerable areas of the basement structure, to maintain the design life of the building. 

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