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Tree Root Subsidence – London

Client: Local Authority

This project involved damage to a Victorian house, allegedly caused by the action of roots of trees owned by the Local Authority in the nearby highway.  The Home Owner launched a claim against the Local Authority, demanding the trees be felled or that they cover the costs of underpinning the house.

WJM&P were engaged by solicitors acting for the Local Authority to advise on the original causes of the damage and the scope of any remedial works required.  We visited the site to record the damage, and reviewed the various arboricultural reports, site investigations and level and crack monitoring results.  We prepared an expert report on the cause of the damage and the remedial works required.  We also commented on the risk of future damage occurring in the light of recent pruning of the trees and the subsequent affect on the level monitoring.

The dispute was determined by negotiation prior to reaching Court.

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