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Stone Balcony – London

Client: Home Owner

This project involved the structural assessment of a new stone balcony.  The property is a three storey residential house with a basement, part of a terrace constructed in the latter part of the nineteenth century, with a continuous stone balcony at first floor level.  A piece of cornice had fallen from the eaves on to the balcony and broken part of it off. 

The balcony was subsequently reinstated using new stone panels to match the existing, and formed of 125mm thick limestone projecting out from the front of the property between bay windows.  However, the Home Owner of the neighbouring property wanted structural calculations to prove the integrity of the balcony.

WJM&P were engaged by solicitors acting for the Home Owner of the neighbouring property to verify that the balcony was structurally sound, as the original Engineer involved was unable to demonstrate this. 

We carried out a nonlinear finite element analysis, which showed that the balcony resisted the imposed loads by forming a flat arch within the stone, effectively spanning between the bay windows on either side.

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