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Motorway Barriers – England

Client: Barrier Licensor

This project involved the inspection and analysis of defects occurring in long sections of a slip-formed concrete motorway barrier.  Significant cracking of the concrete, of various types, had occurred since construction, in some cases leading to concrete spalling and potential hazards to motorists. 

WJM&P were engaged by solicitors acting for the insurers of the organisation who license the barrier design.  Our investigation involved overnight inspections of the barriers whilst traffic management measures were in place.  Our analysis revealed a number of failure mechanisms in the concrete, resulting from a combination of design and workmanship issues.  We prepared a report on the causes of the defects we identified, commented on the roles of the various parties involved, and outlined a remedial scheme to deal with the issues.  We worked with the Contractor to formulate a detailed remedial strategy which could practically be undertaken, given the constraints of highway working, and oversaw its implementation on site on behalf of our client.

We attended expert meetings prior to the matter being settled by negotiation. 

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